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Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con
Booth 143
June 23rd – 25th, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center

Featuring comic book exclusives from
Counterpoint Comics

Cover by Chad Heinrich

Cover by Marat Mychaels
Each book will be available as
• Regular edition numbered to 25 copies:  $25 each
• Chromium numbered to 10 copies:  $50 each
• Metal editions numbered to 10 copies:  $60 each

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Your Artwork, On Metal!

Welcome to Faerie Metal Photography!  We turn your artwork into metal masterpieces.

•  Metal prints
•  Metal trading cards
•  Metal comic book covers
•  Metal bookmarks
•  Limited editions

Specializing in printing photos and your artwork directly on metal.  We are here to help you create new special collectibles for your fans.

Contact us with any questions or for quotes.